The Pilates Másképp mobile app aims to introduce Pilates to those whose schedules don’t allow them to go to the gym or a special class regularly. It offers users different video packages and workout plans, with exercises of various lengths and levels of development, so that everyone from complete beginners to professional pilates practitioners can find a package that suits them. Separate videos are also available for expectant and new mums to help them feel comfortable in their skin during pregnancy and to aid recovery after childbirth.

We’ve developed the app in its entirety, KingIT Solutions worked closely with founder and trainer Tímea Csepely on this project for expectant and new mothers to help them have a better, more carefree life.


The four main features are immediately accessible from the main page of the app:

The Video Packages menu allows you to view the content and description of the packs and to purchase them.

Click on the Survey button to fill in a questionnaire and, depending on the results, the app will make you an offer on which video packages would be best suited to you.

In the Blog, you can read short articles about pilates, the problems it can help with, and general lifestyle advice.

In the About us section, you can get a deeper insight into what pilates is, and read more about our pre- and postnatal programs.

The main page also features free videos to help you get familiar with pilates, as well as Diet Guide episodes and complete workouts to help those who can’t afford a subscription. 

Other features are also available by clicking on the menu icon or in the bottom bar of the app:

The Profile is used to track your progress and the Calendar helps you see the past and next active days of your training plan. You can change your profile picture and enter your personal details as well.

In Favourites, you can see a collection of videos and blog posts that you have saved.

Help contains frequently asked questions and answers to help you learn everything you need about using the app.