What is the boost training mobile app?

The Simon Szimonetta Boost Training mobile app is the companion app to the website (simonszimonetta.hu). The primary focus of this app is to be an all-in-one hub of features for weight loss and exercise regimes ranging from:


Pre-recorded and on demand workout videos of varying lengths and difficulties, giving the user freedom to workout when it fits into their schedule if they are unable to attend live workouts. The videos are available as part of a monthly subscription and cover a wide basis of exercise routines. This allows users to find routines to fit their current fitness levels and ones that they can work towards.

Live workouts

The app offers access to livestreamed workouts with a weekly livestreaming schedule with multiple trainers running different types of workout sessions ranging from yoga, coaching and general exercise routines. The live workouts are archived after each session, meaning the user can go back and revisit previous sessions. The live workouts are available for a monthly fee.

Detailed recipes

To further support users and get them on track for better health and fitness, the app incorporates a detailed recipe database. Recipes include information such as calories, preparation time and dietary requirements such as vegan friendly options. There is a filter option to select what type of meal they would like, for example: breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner etc.

Profile options

Each user has a personal profile where they can log information such as their height and wight, allowing them to easily track weight loss. In addition, the app has a “favourites” feature where the user can save their favourite videos or recipes for quick and easy access.

KingIT Solutions development

KingIT Solutions has worked with SimonSzimonetta.hu to develop the mobile app, which is available on both apple and android devices. KingIT Solutions has created the function, design and layout of the mobile app using corresponding design aspects taken from the website, e.g. colour schemes.

A straightforward registration system has been made so that users can quickly sign up and access the apps features so they can spend less time filling in forms and get straight to working out.

The developers created databases for video storage and recipe storage, while also making a system for archiving live sessions and automatically adding them to the list of accessible videos.

The app has options to enable or disable certain features such as PUSH notifications, advertisements or special offers and daily reminders. There is also an option to select break lengths between workouts.

The payment systems have been made easy to use with access to multiple payment methods, such as Paypal and card payments.