What is Lumanagi?

Lumanagi is a decentralised exchange (DEX), which is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace where transactions occur directly between traders, as opposed to dealing with an intermediary. In addition, Lumanagi is also an automated market maker (AMM), this means that it is a system that can automatically facilitate buy and sell orders on a decentralised exchange and automatically clear transactions. AMMs are run on smart contracts which are programs stored on the blockchain that activate when predetermined conditions are met.

Lumanagi has a governance token with the same name (LMNG), with a maximum token supply of 400,000,000 , this allows owners of the token to vote on features or actions they would like the company to implement. Some of the proceeds from the purchases of LMNG will be donated to NGOs that are in need of assistance.

Lumanagi’s features:

  • Governance – Voting on future features
  • Bridges – The ability to move crypto from blockchain to another
  • Swap – Swap between tokens using Lumanagi’s fast network
  • Referral airdrop – Holding airdrop events for LMNG holders to share with their friends
  • NFT auction house – A protected NFT auction house with integrated inti theft technology
  • Multiple languages – Multiple languages available to users
  • Forums – Give all users a chance to voice their opinions and engage in exciting discussions
  • Portfolio system – A system which can auto invest and auto buy tokens based on market data
  • Prediction game – Predict the price fluctuations of different tokens to win a reward
  • Fast transaction speeds – the platform offers fast and efficient transactions

Why is Lumanagidifferent?

There are key focus points that Lumanagi aims to work towards:

  • No entry limits, so anyone can easily start using the platform
  • A focus on technology, with multiple available fintech functions
  • Respecting fundamental economic systems
  • Focusing on the community and encouraging increased trading volumes on the platform
  • Trustworthiness, making sure all features are audited and safe for users

There are plans to develop multiple bridges to different blockchains such as Avax, Solana, BSC, BTC and Ethereum so that users can move their tokens out of one blockchain network and into another.

Safety and Security

To ensure the safety of the project and the LMNG token, Lumanagi’s founders will buy and store physical gold incase an unforeseen situation arises so they can continue to support the project and compensate users.

Lumanagi will make sure it’s smart contract is audited to ensure that the platform is safe to use and that it is not a scam.

Lumanagi’s partners

Lumanagi has multiple partners and support from three main companies, Zooz, Medland Technologies and KingIT Solutions.

Lumanagi has partnered with KingIT Solutions to develop an innovative new crypto product with unique features that it can offer its users while also further developing the platform into an effective decentralised exchange and automated market maker.

KingIT’s founder Edvard Bene has worked directly with Lumanagi as its business development advisor to ensure Lumanagi’s success.