Lumanagi – The DEX

What is Lumanagi?

Lumanagi is a decentralised exchange (DEX), which is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace where transactions occur directly between traders, as opposed to dealing with an intermediary. In addition, Lumanagi is also an automated market maker (AMM), this means that it is a system that can automatically facilitate buy and sell orders on a decentralised exchange and automatically clear transactions. AMMs are run on smart contracts which are programs stored on the blockchain that activate when predetermined conditions are met.


Lumanagi Prediction Game

The Lumanagi Prediction Game is an exciting new feature set to launch on the Lumanagi Exchange platform in just three months. Drawing inspiration from popular prediction games like the one on PancakeSwap, the Lumanagi Prediction Game offers users a chance to test their market prediction skills and earn rewards.


MEDLand – Crypto Game

Medland is a crypto-game development company that focuses on creating high quality games for desktop and mobile devices. One of Medland’s core goals is to embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain technology so it can be integrated into the games that they are developing.

Our company carries out development work for our clients in the Hungarian and international markets, from simple websites through mobile and web applications to the world of web3, where we already have experience in all areas of crypto.




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